Save resources and act sustainable

Value retention (refurbishment) is a craft of the natural healing process. We are standing for a forward-looking mindset. A sustainable mindset.

Because we are responsible for our environment und community we decrease all negative effects to a minimum for all generations to come.

The ARTUS-Forest

ARTUS lives by sustainable standards and expresses their overall responsibility in form of a new forest in Germany. Educate yourself here about the growing ARTUS-Forest.

How you benefit

Sustainability is rooted deeply in the ARTUS DNA. Therefore all dimensions of sustainability are naturally taken into account.

Nachhaltigkeit durch Oberflächeninstandsetzung
Our products are free from harming substances. Thus we minimize the effects on the environment and maintain the natural product value.
By refurbishment there is no need for replacement. You save time and money.
Special maintenance setting on site keeps noise and time of burden for residents, coworkers etc. to a minimum.

Refurbishment vs. Replacement

No reproduction needed
No long transport routes
Minimum effect on your business
No disposal
Production costs
Costs of transport
Long periods of replacement time
Negative environmental effects

Reasons for ARTUS

Countless businesses from all areas decide on a regular/daily basis for the expertise and experience of ARTUS:

Worldwide construction companies

High quality interior fitters

Excellent shipyards

Leading trade companies

Popular first-class hotels

Well-known insurances

Versed companies of furniture logistics

Countless private customers

Highly regarded manufacturers/producers